Orange County Collision & Glass

Cosmetic Repair

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Cosmetic Car Repair is the easy way to keep up appearances on your vehicle; fixing the bumps and bruises from life on the road in about a day, at prices you can afford, using products and processes from a name you know and trust.


Micro Paint Repair

Orange County Collision Centers use advanced technology to match color exactly and manufacturer-approved paint systems to make nicks and scrapes disappear.


Wheel Paint Repair

Using coatings and process engineering, Orange County Collision Centers restores curb scrapes, nicks and other road damage.


Light Cover Restoration

Specialized products remove film, yellowing, oxidation and minor scratches to restore covers to like-new condition. You'll see dramatic improvement to light output and its effect on the road.




Chip Repair

Special binders, along with the exact color formula for your car, are used to fill chips and scratches to improve appearance and prevent rust.